EnviroAnalytics Group | Environmental Consulting & Engineering, Cost-Reduction, Risk Management
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EnviroAnalytics Group (EAG) is one of the fastest-growing environmental project management and consultancy firms in North America.


With over 200 properties in active environmental remediation, and funds under management exceeding $250 million, we support our clients with a “culture of efficiency” that provides practical remedial strategies that achieve regulatory closure under budget and prior to timeline goals.


Environmental Project Management Services


EAG offers our clients three levels of environmental remediation and project management to resolve corporate environmental liabilities:


»  Time & Materials Project Management

»  Guaranteed Fixed Price Project Management

»  Environmental Liability Transfer



Lean, Cost-Cutting Approach to Environmental Project Management

Since 2008, EAG has been the captive project management team for Environmental Liability Transfer, Inc. (ELT) – a major North American “polluter by proxy” firm. EAG’s aggressively-minded group of engineers, geologists, PhDs, and lawyers have consistently achieved regulatory closure well below third-party cost estimates. Our relationship with ELT has hardwired our team to operate with the owner’s best interest in mind.


As we transition our service externally, our competitive advantage remains intact – lowering costs parameters and beating timelines without forfeiting quality of work.


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Regulatory Advocacy

As a captive environmental consulting group for Environmental Liability Transfer, Inc. (ELT) – a major North American “polluter-by-proxy” firm – EAG has engaged and negotiated with environmental regulatory agencies in over 40 U.S. states and in every Canadian province and territory. Our regulatory relationships are mature, far-reaching, and allow us to negotiate favorably on our clients’ behalf.


When you work with EAG, we will leverage these relationships during negotiations – resulting in a more favorable, practical, and cost-efficient scope of work.


Our relationship with ELT has hardwired our team to operate with the owner’s best interest in mind. This aggressive mindset is carried over to our external clients as well. EAG will represent your best interests to federal, state, and provincial regulatory authorities with the same determination and vigor we apply when representing our own ownership group.

The Unfortunate Reality of Environmental Consulting

Immense pressure to routinely increase billing exists within many environmental engineering and consulting firms. If two practical solutions exist, the solution with the highest obtainable billing will likely be chosen. Companies must diligently guard against environmental cost escalations and “overscoped” workplans.


EAG will protect your environmental dollars by auditing your clean-up projects and negotiating directly with regulators for your best interests.


EAG is not a typical environmental consultant, we take a different approach. Our project management teams are equipped with practical, cost-saving strategies that expedite regulatory closure and prevent vendors from taking action on non-essential tasks designed to inflate invoices.


Our business model incentivizes expeditious site closure and rewards strict budget management – it’s how our people are wired, and it’s what has made our group successful for the past 25 years.


Let’s Talk

If environmental issues are impacting your operations, transactions, or balance sheet, EAG has practical and lean strategies to fast track the clean up and mitigate the risk. 


Additionally, EAG has the capacity to be creative and strategic with the solutions we provide – acquiring under-performing assets, transferring environmental risk, and undertaking complex environmental projects at a guaranteed-fixed price. 


To start a confidential discussion with our project management team, please contact us.