EnviroAnalytics Group | Guaranteed Fixed Price
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Our ability to produce accurate cost-to-closure estimates affords us the opportunity to be aggressive in the terms we can offer our clients.


EAG has over 25 years of experience underwriting some of the most complex environmentally-impacted sites and portfolios in North America. Our “Guaranteed Fixed Price” business model incentivizes expeditious regulatory closure and rewards strict budget management – it’s how our people are wired, and it’s what has made our group successful for the past 25 years.


Robust Protection Against Cost Overruns

EAG will guarantee that remedial work remains within the predetermined budget framework, and will establish a robust escrow to protect against potential cost overruns. Any and all costs exceeding the escrow will be the sole responsibility of EAG.


If environmental issues are impacting your operations, transactions, or balance sheet, EAG has practical and lean strategies to fast track the clean up and mitigate the risk.   


For a confidential discussion regarding your corporate environmental liabilities, please contact us.