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Lean, Cost-Cutting Approach to Environmental Project Management


News-PhotoSince 2008, EnviroAnalytics Group, LLC (EAG) has been the captive project management team for Environmental Liability Transfer, Inc. (ELT) – a major North American “polluter by proxy” firm. EAG’s aggressively-minded group of engineers, geologists, PhDs, and lawyers have consistently achieved regulatory closure well below third-party cost estimates. Our relationship with ELT has hardwired our team to operate with the owner’s best interest in mind.


As we transition our service externally, our competitive advantage remains intact – lowering costs parameters and beating timelines without forfeiting quality of work.


EAG is guided by a lean, cost-cutting approach to solving critical environmental issues – as demonstrated by the successful abatement of over $1 billion in environmental liabilities for our clients.


With an active remediation portfolio of over 200 properties, EAG has earned the trust of some of the largest brands in the world – spanning sectors such as oil & gas, coal, heavy industrial, pharmaceutical, and more. We have led the way to a better bottom line for our clients by illuminating, reducing, and eliminating environmental concerns and expenditures.

Highly-Effective Environmental Project Management Teams


EAG is comprised of high-level environmental consulting professionals – PhDs, Licensed PEs, Geologists, Environmental Lawyers, Environmental Project Managers, and other professionals – with a lean and efficient bias toward project management.

Detailed resumes and work history for our executive and project management team is available upon request.

Key Personnel


Russ Becker
President, EnviroAnalytics Group


Dr. Mark Underwood
President, EAG Canada
Professional Geoscientist (PGO) in Saskatchewan and Ontario


Randall Jostes
Founder and Chairman of the Board


Matt Robinson
Chief Underwriting Officer


Adam Kovacs
VP, Business Development


David Craig
Senior Project Manager, Chlorinated Solvents


Matt Dostal


Chris Stocker
Field Technician


Riley Underwood

Thomas Pike
In-House Attorney


Daniel Dunn, PE, PG, PM
Principal Engineer


Elizabeth Schlaeger, PE
Senior Project Manager, Remediation


Tim Biggs, PG
Senior Project Manager, Petroleum Geologist


Adam Peetz, PE
Senior Project Manager, Civil Engineering


James Calenda
Senior Project Manager


Dr. Lucia Casabo
PhD, Senior Project Manager


Luke Underwood
Quality Control Officer


Robert Becker

Corporate Affiliates



EAG by the Numbers



Sites Under Management


$250 Million

Funds Under Management



Fortune 500 Clients



In-House PhDs, PEs, Lawyers, PMs



Years of Corporate History


$200 Million +

Accumulative Cost Savings to Environmental Budgets