EnviroAnalytics Group | Atlantic Wood Industries
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Atlantic Wood Industries

EnviroAnalytics Group is currently leading the clean-up efforts of a large waterfront property and former wood-treatment plant in the Port of Savannah.


EAG is currently working closely with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division to address environmental concerns at the site.


Existing structures on the property will be demolished, and remediation will begin to clear the way for a new port-related redevelopment that will put this blighted site back into productive use. Remedial efforts include, but are not limited to:


  • Management of Excess Wood Treating Chemicals
  • Management of Closed Industrial Waste Landfill
  • In Situ Soil Treatments
  • Soil Excavation

  • Utilization of Institutional and Engineering Controls
  • Closure and modification of RCRA permits
  • Environmental Site Assessments
  • Groundwater Capture & Treatment


EAG’s goal is to repurpose the property for its highest and best use, and to make it ready for a variety of vertical development purposes – these remediation efforts are the first step toward that goal.