EnviroAnalytics Group | Roane Alloys
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Roane Alloys

EnviroAnalytics Group rehabilitates former Superfund site tied to impact from 26 years of metal processing and production.


A quarter century of ore processing and production left this environmental site impacted by chrome-containing slag and other contaminants generated as a byproduct of metal production.  EAG entered into an agreement with the Tennessee Department of Economic Development (TDED) and generated and implemented a remediation plan, approved by the state. The plan included:


  • Installation of an evapro-transpirative cover system (cap and cover) to mitigate migration of metals
  • Closure and coverage of former landfill and site areas impacted by manganese
  • Demolition of existing structures
  • Rerouting of two creeks from the subsurface to above ground lined channels
  • Rehabilitation of a cemetery


Now complete, this property is able to be utilized for a variety of vertical development purposes including light-industrial, commercial, and mixed-use.